Tom is an independent Alternative artist with an affinity for diverse genres of music, such as roots rock, jazz, bossa nova, folk, and the singer-songwriter tradition. Tom welds a worldly perspective that imbues his artistry; coursing through him is a United Nations of cultures. Of Italian decent, his family moved to the US from his native Argentina when he was just a toddler. For the past 15+ years, he’s been a proud Californian. His rousing and heartfelt single, “What Are Saying Man,” from his Album Escape Into Life, has been featured on MTV Hits Latin America and VH1 Megahits, sliding into regular rotation in Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Argentina, among many other Latin American territories. Tom spends his days writing, recording, releasing, and spreading his music globally with live performances in China, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico & Taiwan.


Escape into You: Part II | Tom Ricci

Escape into Love: Part I | Tom Ricci

Escape into Life | Tom Ricci


Tribute to Nat King Cole | Tom Ricci

Simply Love | Tom Ricci

Spanish Lament/Corazón de León | Tom Ricci

Spanish Lament / Corazón de León | Tom Ricci

I Like Green Apples | Tom Ricci

Levitate (Funky) | Tom Ricci


TV Interivew - La Hora

July 27, 2020
Exclusive interview with Hola TV.
In Spanish.

Jazz Nos Fundos: Tom Ricci

April 23, 2020
Live with Edson Sant’Anna, Bruno Migotto and Bruno Tessele.

Santos Vega

June 14
Tom Ricci Feat. Tutti Diez
Live in Buenos Aires

Cafetin Presents

Homero Larrain + Tom Ricci
Live Performance

OC Fair

Tom Ricci & Nervebloc
Live in California
July 27, 2018