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Chloe Don’t Worry – Tom Ricci (Official Video – CC Lyrics)

Black Hole Sun | Jazz Version | Tom Ricci w/Postmodern Jukebox

What Are You Saying Man? by Tom Ricci [Official Music Video] (HD with CC Lyrics)

Spanish Lament | Tom Ricci

Radiohead – Subterranean Homesick Alien (Folk Version by Tom Ricci

Live performance videos

What a Wonderful World – Tom Ricci (Ft. Pablo Sanguinetti, Oscar Giunta & Buno Migotto) Live in Argentina

The Grassland Sessions

As the pandemic raged on in most parts of the world, musician Tom Ricci was stranded in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina on a family visit after a couple of planned tour dates in São Paulo, Brazil. With all flights and transportation halted and a complete pandemic lockdown in place, Tom decided to do what he has done since an early age; play his music, but this time with the few instruments he had on hand at his grandma’s farmhouse, while counting on the collaboration of his trusted friend, Nico. The result of such recorded moments of music-making is “The Grassland Sessions”, a series of acoustic performances, gathering original songs composed by Tom from his three studio albums, select singles and a variety of covers from songs that we all love.

“The Grassland Sessions” is a collection of 24 songs recorded and performed live in the grasslands of Argentina, known in unison as La Pampa. A new performance is uploaded every Friday at 6pm Pacific time, so stay tuned and stay blessed.

Tell Me (Who You Want Me To Be) – Tom Ricci & Nervebloc Live in Tijuana

Tom Ricci & Nervebloc Live in China – Solar Plane

Green Apples live at KUCI 88.9FM – Tom Ricci & Nervebloc

Simply Love by Tom Ricci – Live Acoustic Performance

Fantasize – Live Acoustic Performance by Tom Ricci